Lisbon is the ideal city to live in, given the great variety of accommodation option for researchers, from university and artistic housing to apartments and bedrooms.

University and artistic housing are exclusive for students and researchers.

Alternatively, students and researchers can rent an apartment or bedroom among the many options offered by the private rental market. Some researchers look for apartments where they share the kitchen, bathroom, and other services with other residents.

Accommodation conditions vary, so you should ask all questions you consider relevant when you are searching (e.g. contract duration, if there is any additional advance payment, if there is Internet access, laundry room, telephone, TV, etc.)

Lisbon’s real estate market is premium and widely diversified and can respond to the specific
needs of interested parties.

If you could not find a place to live before you arrive in Lisbon, there are hostels, which are considered the world’s best in international rankings, where you can stay until you find housing, an apartment or a bedroom. The city also has many hotels that meet different demand standards.

For any of these options, Lisbon offers accommodation that meets the expectations of everyone.

In this page, you can find some accommodation available in Lisbon, which are the exclusive responsibility of their owners.